• For 50 years, COPESD has been working with local school districts and the Michigan Department of Education to support student achievement and leverage limited resources.

    50th Anniversary; Leadership, Inivation and Results

    C.O.P.E.S.D leads, innovates and gets results

    This year, C.O.P.E.S.D. marks 50 years of leadership, innovation, and results for students, schools and the community. Created by the Legislature in 1962, C.O.P.E.S.D. is one of Michigan’s 56 educational service agencies that:

    • Saves money and resources for K-12 districts by providing consolidated support services.
    • Trains teachers in the latest research-based methods.
    • Pilots innovative programs that districts couldn’t afford on their own.
    • Coordinates special education and technology services across their region.

    C.O.P.E.S.D. gets results by working with local school districts, community partners and the Michigan Department of Education. It supports student achievement and leverages limited resources in these seven areas mandated by federal and/or state law:  Specialized Student Services, Early Childhood Education/Great Start, Administrative Services, Developing Partnerships, Technology Services, Customized Services and Teaching and Learning.

    Today Michigan’s 56 ISD’s provide services to 1.6 million K-12 students. To learn more about the integral role of ISD’s in education and our community, call our Superintendent Mary Vratanina at (231) 238-9394 or send an email to mvrat@copesd.org.