March 15, 2024

Safety Award Earned

Samantha Camacho, Dawn Fenstermaker, Jane Poquette and Corey Hebner who created STARS (Straits Technicians Alliance of Regional Safety) received the 2023 Outstanding Traffic Safety Achievement Award at the 2024 Michigan Traffic Safety Summit. Their hard work with car seat safety has made a difference in Northern Michigan and has been proudly awarded.

The Straits Technicians Alliance of Regional Safety is recognized for its work expanding the delivery of occupant protection in Northern Michigan. Due to the pandemic and an aging population of car seat technicians and instructors, the number of car seat experts in Northern Michigan has declined, affecting 11 counties, where there were only 18 car seat technicians and on instructor before May 31, 2023. The group was created to expand capacity while increasing awareness and education of proper car seat use on Northern Michigan and the Eastern Upper Peninsula. The group hosted 11 car seat safety events, helping approximately 430 citizens who had 83 car seats checked at these events. It has also been able to financially assist 43 caregivers with car seats through the OHSP’s Occupant Protection grant.

We can't wait to see what STARS will continue to do in Northern Michigan.