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WELCOME TOCheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle Educational Service District

Our Why

To Engage Learners in Ways that Foster Growth and Success

COPESD Mission

The mission of Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle Educational Service District is to maximize the learning and citizenship of all, by providing educational leadership, facilitating sustainable evidenced based practices and services, and providing professional development that involves member districts, this ESD and the entire community.

COPESD 50th Anniversary

For 50 years, COPESD has been working with local school districts and the Michigan Department of Education to support student achievement and leverage limited resources. Learn more about 50th Anniversary

Vehicle Bid Specifications

COP is seeking bids for the purchase of (3) vehicles.

Click here for Specifications. 

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  • 29 Nov 2022
    • Otsego Rm - PREPaRE Training
      Date: Nov 29
      Time: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
      Calendar: Otsego Room

      On Courseware: Yes

      Acct #:

      Updated: 11-18-22

      Contact:     Jamie or Rich

            Phone:                         Email:

      Presenter/s:  Hannah Barrow- Northwest Ed

      Handouts will be provided

      Equipment:  easel , markers, mic, video 

      Count: 56 + 5 mll 11/23/22

      Setup:  6/pod

      Food - coffee in morning/ water /pop during the day

      Lunch:       12:00


             Smokehouse Mac n Cheese/salads/ cookies 11/29/2022 mll


    • PREPaRE Comprehensive School Safety Planning
      PREPaRE Comprehensive School Safety Training WORKSHOP 1
      8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
      PREPaRE Comprehensive School Safety Planning
      PREPaRE Comprehensive School Safety Training WORKSHOP 1
      Date: Nov 29
      Time: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
      Location: COP ESD
      Calendar: WisdomWhere Calendar

      Participants will learn how to establish and sustain comprehensive school safety efforts that attend to both physical and psychological safety. The workshop addresses critical components needed to develop, exercise, and evaluate safety and crisis teams and plans and conduct building vulnerability assessments. The model also integrates school personnel and community provider roles in providing school-based crisis preparedness and response activities. Additional topics addressed also include media/social media, communication, reunification, students with special needs, culture, and memorials. After this workshop, participants will be better prepared to improve their school’s climate, student resilience, and crisis response capabilities of school personnel. With updated research and strategies, this workshop makes a clear connection between ongoing crisis prevention, mitigation, protection, response, and recovery.


  • 30 Nov 2022
    • Pres Room- Curriculum Leadership - Deb Putnam
      Date: Nov 30
      Calendar: Presque Isle Room
      Curriculum Leadership Team meeting all day
    • 11-30-22 Leadership Series
      2022-23 Principal Leadership Series
      8:30 AM to 11:45 AM
      11-30-22 Leadership Series
      2022-23 Principal Leadership Series
      Date: Nov 30
      Time: 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM
      Location: Online/Virtual
      Calendar: WisdomWhere Calendar

      Big Ideas/ Themes

      1.   Whole Child Education

      2.   School improvement/MICIP

      3.  Improving literacy and math essentials

      4.  Personal leadership improvement and staff growth

      5.  Special Education leadership

  • 1 Dec 2022
    • Otsego Rm - Cybersecurity w SET SEG/Char Em- JH
      Date: Dec 1
      Time: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
      Calendar: Otsego Room


      Contact:     Char Em    for registrations              Phone:    call for count                     Email:  Check with Dave Mck

      Presenter/s:  Zoom + attendees

      Equipment:  what is in room

      Count: 30 + 6 additional

      Setup:  10 pods of 6/set

      1130 - 12 pm  delivery 

      Lunch:   chicken parmazeti pasta / salads BC PIZZA / bread sticks 

                    ORDERED 11/29/2022 mll

      Plus additional 6 people from Atlanta/Hillman, per Jamie ok for them to come to COP (Dr Rader from Hillman called)

COP ESD serves the following school districts. You may view their district information by clicking on the interactive map.

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2,100 Square Miles
23 Schools
50 Years of Service
500+ Educators
8,000 Students